Spring Pool Deck Materials: How to Choose the Best for You

Refresh your pool deck this spring with the right materials to enhance your outdoor space’s look and durability. Select materials that stand up to varying temperatures and moisture to ensure a safe and slip-resistant surface for all your springtime poolside gatherings. Ready to upgrade? Contact Excel Custom Decks to start planning your project today.

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TimberTech vs Trex Decking: Best Materials for Your Decks

Durability Battle: TimberTech vs Trex Decking – Which is the Better Choice? When it comes to building a long-lasting, low-maintenance deck, the decking material you choose is crucial. Two of the most popular options are TimberTech and Trex, both renowned for their durability and weather resistance. But which one is the better choice for your…

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Best 2 Level Deck Designs for 2024 with Excel Custom Decks

Creating a stunning two-level deck is a perfect way to maximize your backyard’s potential. It combines strategy with style, considering both architecture and usability. Surprisingly, among the sought-after designs for 2024 are expansive double-wide decks and intricately patterned outdoor decks, offering both functionality and visual appeal. Prepare to turn your backyard into an oasis of…

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How to Clean Trex Deck: MasteringMaintenance for Your Outdoor Space

How to Clean Trex Deck: Mastering Maintenance for Your Outdoor Space Trex decking, a favorite among homeowners, is renowned for its durability and low-maintenance nature. However, like all outdoor installations, it requires occasional cleaning to maintain its appearance. While it’s known for its low-maintenance nature, occasional care ensures it remains the centerpiece of your outdoor…

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Beat the Heat with These Summer Shading Deckorator Solutions

Above all, Excel Custom Decks values the relationships we build with our customers. We customize our approach to create the ideal deck you envision. With quality craftsmanship, superior deck materials, and attention to detail, we offer custom deck construction and affordable service to meet client visions.

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