5 Trending Deckorator Products You Can’t Miss This Summer

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Transform your outdoor living space into a stunning retreat with Deckorators’ decking options. Whether you’re planning a multi-level backyard retreat or enhancing your existing wood deck, Deckorator has the perfect product for you.

Here’s a closer look at five Deckorator products that promise a hassle-free outdoor experience this summer.

Voyage Decking

The Deckorators Voyage Decking series, featuring Surestone™ technology, offers style and functionality for any outdoor space. Available in solid colors like Sedona, Sierra, and Tundra, this mineral-based composite decking material mimics traditional wood decking but with superior features. It’s engineered for minimal maintenance and high durability and resists heat and moisture.

It also provides increased traction, making it a safe choice for areas like outdoor kitchens or covered decks, where safety is key. Voyage Decking comes with a 25-year structural, stain, and fade warranty.

Vault Decking

Elevate your deck projects with Vault Decking for unmatched lightweight and durability. This composite decking option creates additional living space that withstands the elements without compromising on beauty. The deck boards offer low thermal movement and exceptional stability, making them a preferred choice for outdoor spaces exposed to varying temperatures. Vault Decking is available in elegant shades like Dusk and Mesquite and is backed by a 25-year structural, stain, and fade warranty.

Vista Decking

For those who appreciate the luxurious look of exotic hardwoods without the upkeep, Vista Decking is an excellent choice. This composite decking selection, featuring minimalistic deck colors like Driftwood and Ironwood, offers a classic wood-plastic composite build enhanced with a stain and fade-resistant cap. Its design features are geared towards creating a durable, low-maintenance deck that still delivers the aesthetic appeal of traditional wood decks. Vista Decking also comes with a 25-year structural, stain, and fade warranty.

Venture Decking

Venture Decking combines cost-effectiveness with high performance. Available in serene colors like Saltwater and Sandbar, this traditional composite decking offers a scratch-resistant surface and easy maintenance. It’s the ideal deck option for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors without the hassle of constant upkeep. Its composite deck boards can withstand the rigors of private residential and commercial uses. Venture Decking includes a 25-year structural, stain, and fade warranty.

Porch Flooring

Deckorators’ Porch Flooring is the go-to choice for creating a welcoming entrance or a cozy, covered deck space. Offered in colors such as Kettle and Chicory, this decking product can handle direct ground and water contact. Its lightweight yet strong composition makes it an excellent choice for porch upgrades, combining the classic charm of wooden decks with the advanced performance of composite deck boards. Porch Flooring is supported by a 25-year structural, stain, and fade warranty.

Why Choose Deckorators for Your Decking Needs?

Choosing Deckorators for your decking needs means selecting a brand synonymous with innovation and quality. Their products use sustainable materials, including recycled wood fibers and plastic polymers, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Deckorators provides high-quality composite decking options and backs them with a robust warranty. Deckorators offers everything needed to create a stunning and functional outdoor living space, from composite deck boards to hidden fasteners and beyond.

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Upgrading your outdoor living space with Deckorators this summer ensures quality, durability, and aesthetics. By focusing on innovative technology and sustainable materials, Deckorators guarantees that your summer retreat is environmentally conscious and visually impressive.

Excel Custom Decks offers Deckorators products, ensuring expert installation and exceptional craftsmanship. Make the most of the summer season by working with a professional deck builder to transform your outdoor area. With Deckorators, you can enjoy a functional backyard space designed for the ultimate summer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Deckorators decking been around?

Deckorators decking has been in the market for over 25 years. The brand has established a reputation for innovation and quality in the decking industry. Their experience has allowed them to improve and expand their offers to meet the evolving needs of homeowners and builders.

Does Deckorators decking scratch easily?

Deckorators decking is designed to be resistant to scratching. The composite material used in their deck boards is a blend of wood fibers and plastic polymers. This combination enhances the durability and longevity of the surface. But like any decking material, it can be susceptible to scratches from sharp objects or heavy furniture without proper care.

Does Deckorators decking get hot?

Deckorators decking does get warm in direct sunlight, similar to other composite decking products. The company offers decking options that feature a unique cap stock which helps reduce heat absorption, making the deck cool during hot weather. Additionally, lighter colors in the range tend to absorb less heat, which can be a practical choice for sunny areas.

Can you paint Deckorators decking?

It is not recommended to paint Deckorators decking. The composite deck boards come with a pre-finished color and texture that is designed to last without the need for painting. Painting the decking could void the warranty and may affect the performance and appearance of the product.

How do you clean Deckorators’ decking?

Cleaning Deckorators decking is straightforward and requires only soap and water. For regular maintenance, a soft brush and mild detergent will remove dirt and grime, keeping the deck structure looking new. For tougher stains, Deckorators recommends specific cleaners that will not harm the composite material or affect the color of the deck.

5 Trending Deckorator Products You Can’t Miss This Summer

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