Excel Custom Decks’ partnerships with renowned decking associations highlight our dedication to excellence and our commitment to upholding the highest standards. These affiliations enable us to collaborate with industry pros, access valuable insights, and stay at the forefront of innovative practices. Join us in our pursuit of excellence by exploring the advantages of our valued partnerships.


Excel Custom Decks is distinguished by a collection of prestigious certifications that affirm our commitment to excellence. These certifications represent our dedication to professionalism, innovation, and sustainability in the deck construction industry. Each certification reflects our expertise and grants us exclusive benefits that directly benefit our clients. As certified professionals, we continuously strive to deliver top-quality outdoor living solutions that exceed expectations. Explore the advantages of partnering with Excel Custom Decks for your outdoor construction needs.


Above all, Excel Custom Decks values the relationships we build with our customers. We customize our approach to create the ideal deck you envision. With quality craftsmanship, superior deck materials, and attention to detail, we offer custom deck construction and affordable service to meet client visions.

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