A wooden pergola is a basic structure that can be installed in any section of your yard. Many property owners get it installed on their deck/patio. This feature is essentially a grid of timber, aluminum, or composite battens that is atop columns. The grid provides some shade, and you can trail creeping plants over it. If you prefer some additional shade, you can add a retractable roof or a shade sail to the top of the patio pergola.

An arbor used to be a popular feature on landscapes at one point in time again this trend is now making an appearance in a big way. This feature is a smaller variant of a traditional pergola; it can be positioned at a strategic point above a walkway or pathway or even at one end of the garden. If you want to create a seating space under the arbor, we can design and build a garden bench that could be placed under it.

Whether you want an arbor or a pergola, we can custom design and build these features for you. If you are looking for excellent outdoor features, we handle every aspect of these projects and ensure you get high-quality solutions at a very competitive cost.


By ordering the installation service from us, we can be sure of the quality of materials and installation. We always strive to make our service better and better, so we pay close attention to details in our work.

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Above all, Excel Custom Decks values the relationships we build with our customers. We customize our approach to create the ideal deck you envision. With quality craftsmanship, superior deck materials, and attention to detail, we offer custom deck construction and affordable service to meet client visions.

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