Beat the Heat with These Summer Shading Deckorator Solutions

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Welcome to a fresh way to enhance your outdoor space this summer with Deckorators. Renowned for their robust and stylish decking solutions, Deckorators leads the way in creating vibrant and functional outdoor living areas. Deckorators offers a range of products designed to elevate your outdoor comfort and style. Embrace the bright colors and durable materials that make Deckorators a smart choice for tackling the summer heat.

Why Shading Solutions Are Essential for Summer

As the summer season approaches, the importance of effective shading solutions becomes paramount. The right shade structure does more than just improve comfort; it enhances the overall functionality and aesthetic of your outdoor spaces. Deckorators’ range of shading options offers protection and style, making them indispensable for any deck or garden.

Here are five reasons why shading solutions are essential for summer:

  • Protection from Extreme Weather: Shading solutions protect outdoor areas from intense sun. They also prevent UV damage, helping your deck and furniture last longer.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Shades and pergolas keep your outdoor space cooler. This makes the area more comfortable during hot weather.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Deckorators products add style with their sleek designs and faux wood options. They look great in any outdoor setting.
  • Increased Usability: Shade structures reduce heat and glare. This makes your deck or patio enjoyable at all times of day.
  • Energy Efficiency: Proper shading can keep your home cooler. This may help lower your air conditioning costs in summer.

Why Choose Deckorator for Your Deck Shading?

Choosing Deckorators for your deck shading means selecting excellence in design and reliability. Deckorator excels in providing high-quality, innovative outdoor living products, including composite pergolas and privacy lattice, designed to enhance any deck or garden. Their offerings are crafted to be both functional and stylish, featuring durable materials that stand up to extreme weather and maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.

Deckorator also prioritizes customer satisfaction with comprehensive warranties and a wide range of styles to choose from. This commitment ensures that your outdoor spaces not only look exceptional but also provide long-lasting enjoyment and performance, making Deckorator a leading choice for transforming your outdoor areas into elegant, welcoming environments.

Top Deckorator Shading Products

Composite Pergolas

Deckorators composite boards are an excellent choice for constructing durable, stylish pergolas in your outdoor space. While Deckorators does not offer pre-made composite pergolas, their high-quality composite boards can be used to custom-build pergolas that can stand up against the elements and resist weathering, decay, and insect damage.

These boards provide the flexibility to design pergolas that perfectly match your decking and outdoor décor, ensuring a cohesive look. The versatility of composite boards means you can create a shaded area tailored to your specific needs and preferences, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your deck or garden.

Railings with Drink Rail Adapters

Deckorators’ railings with drink rail adapters transform standard deck railings into versatile, multi-functional features. By installing these adapters, homeowners can create additional horizontal surfaces ideal for hosting drinks, small plants, or decor items.

When outfitted with greenery, these railings provide visual privacy and additional shade, creating a cooler, more secluded environment. This setup is particularly effective in summer, as it allows for strategic placement of plants that can block direct sunlight and reduce the overall temperature of the deck area.

Privacy Lattice

Deckorators’ privacy lattice extends beyond mere privacy solutions, playing a crucial role in shading and cooling outdoor living spaces. These lattices can be installed as standalone panels or incorporated into existing structures like pergolas to create shaded nooks. The density and pattern of the lattice work to scatter sunlight, substantially reducing heat exposure and light intensity. Available in various styles and colors, the lattice not only complements your deck’s design but also enhances comfort by offering a customizable level of shade, crucial for creating a pleasant outdoor area during hot summer days.


As the summer heat intensifies, enhancing your outdoor living space with Deckorators’ innovative shading solutions can make a world of difference. From the flexibility of custom-built pergolas using composite boards to the unique functionality of railings with drink rail adapters and the customizable privacy and shade offered by privacy lattice, Deckorators provides everything needed to create a cooler, more comfortable outdoor environment.

If you’re looking to transform your deck this summer with these top-tier products, reach out to Excel Custom Decks to explore your Deckorator options and start your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my house from heat in summer?

To protect your house from heat in summer, use thermal insulation and heat-reflective window films. Adding insulation in your attic and walls keeps heat out and cool air in. Heat-reflective window films can also significantly reduce heat gain through windows.

What shades block heat best?

The best shades to block heat are cellular shades, also known as honeycomb blinds. These shades trap air within their cells, creating a barrier against heat transfer. Blackout curtains and roller shades with reflective backings are also effective at reducing heat ingress.

What can I put on the window to keep the sun out?

To keep the sun out of your windows, install blackout curtains or solar window screens. Blackout curtains are highly effective at blocking both light and heat, making them ideal for bedrooms and media rooms. Solar window screens are mounted outside the window and reduce heat by filtering out UV rays and sunlight before it enters your home.

How do I keep my deck stairs cool in the summer?

To keep deck stairs cool in the summer, apply a light-colored stain or paint to reflect sunlight. Light colors do not absorb as much heat as dark colors, which can help reduce the surface temperature of your stairs. Installing awnings or pergolas over the stairs can also provide shade, keeping them cooler.

How do you cover a deck from the sun?

To cover a deck from the sun, consider using Deckorators’ innovative shading solutions like railings with drink rail adapters and privacy lattice. Deckorators offers flexible and stylish options that enhance outdoor living spaces while providing necessary shade. Their products are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making them ideal for keeping your deck cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

Beat the Heat with These Summer Shading Deckorator Solutions

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