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Whether you built your deck yourself, inherited one with a home purchase or hired a professional contractor, A deck inspection may be needed to ensure the safety and longevity of your structure. Properly inspecting a deck requires a certified professional with special knowledge of things like material deterioration, climate factors, and building codes. 

We are the only certified deck inspector deck company in the state of Wisconsin. We added this certification because it is important to be a full service deck company for our customers. The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) certifies Excel to inspect and build decks to the highest standard of safety.

By ordering the installation service from us, we can be sure of the quality of materials and installation. We always strive to make our service better and better, so we pay close attention to details in our work.

When performing a deck inspection we will be looking at things like:

Frequently Asked Questions for Deck Inspection

When decks are not constructed properly, they may be prone to collapse or railing failure. Even with a well-constructed deck, it is a good idea to have it inspected to ensure that weather, structure shifting, and regular wear-and-tear have not compromised the integrity of the deck.

Decks should be inspected annually. NADRA reccommends deck inspections every May as people begin to spend more time outdoors. However, be sure to schedule an inspection after a harsh winter or anytime you notice something concerning about your deck and its functionability.

 If your deck fails an inspection, the inspector will give you a notice of the issues with your deck and the corrections needed. Since Excel is a decking company, we can provide a quote for the deck repairs and/or reconstruction you need.

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Deck Inspection

Above all, Excel Custom Decks values the relationships we build with our customers. We customize our approach to create the ideal deck you envision. With quality craftsmanship, superior deck materials, and attention to detail, we offer custom deck construction and affordable service to meet client visions.

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